You shot my portrait on the street. What happens next?
Shortly after our session I jump on my bike and head to my studio. That is where the selection, post processing and scheduling processes take place. First I start selecting the best shot. If I still think that shot meets my criteria I start post processing it and schedule the portrait for publishing in WordPress. I try to work one or two weeks ahead, so be patient. Your portrait should appear on the blog within a week or two. If it does not, it probably was rejected due to lack of sharpness.

Can I have a free copy of my/any portrait?
I consider making Rotterdammers! a part of my job as a photographer. Although I love doing it, it is hard work. Since you did not hire me I will give you a huge discount on an A4 print on Epson Archival Matte paper. Please contact me to obtain the print at the expense of € 10, shipping included.

Can I use my portrait on LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter / …?
Yes, feel free to download the picture from the blog and use it as your profile pic or whatever. But please, give me credit for the shot and link back to the blog.

You took several shots. What happens to the ones that did not make it to the blog?
Those shots will be deleted and are lost forever.

I love your work. Can I hire you?
Yes, you can! I especially love shooting portraits for magazines.


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