Rotterdam faces.

My name is Hans Reitzema and I am a Rotterdam based portrait photographer. With the Rotterdammers! blog I would like to give the city and the people roaming its streets a face. It is that simple.

The faces of Rotterdammers! tell you about… you
Of course the people of these beautiful faces have names and stories to tell. But I decided to basically show their face and maybe a few words about our brief encounter. Give them a close look and they will tell you their stories. Just keep in mind that these stories are stories about… you.

I am not a very courageous man
In the spring of 2012 I forced myself into street photography. Since I am not a very courageous man I started out taking candid shots from the hip, hoping no one would notice. Fortunately no one did. And I was hoping the shots would turn out fine. Unfortunately only a few did.

I obviously am not the new Garry Winogrand
I just had to bluntly approach people looking through the viewfinder to get good compositions. I was very scared to do that, but still gave it a try. I was thrilled with my new found courage but I was not so thrilled with the results. I obviously am not the new Garry Winogrand. But hey, I did it and it still is a challenging learning experience.

I was in shock
But most of all I was in shock! Of course I received all kinds of reactions: great conversations, friendly smiles, thumbs up but also angry looks and faces that turned away. However, the shocking part was that a lot of people didn’t even notice that I was there! I was standing at one meter in front of them clicking my camera and they just didn’t see me.

Why I started Rotterdammers!
So that is why I started Rotterdammers!. To give all those people in the streets of Rotterdam a face. Take a close look, because you did not see them out there in the streets. You passed them in the street. You were very close to them. But you just didn’t see them.

Humans of Rotterdam
I started this blog on Sep 7, 2012. Within one hour people started telling me about the facebook page Humans of Rotterdam, which was inspired by Humans of New York. I hadn’t heard of these pages until that moment. Check them out both, because they are great! They feature street portraits shot in a very different way than mine and they come with little stories about the people in them.

Enjoy, take care and take a look. A good look.

Hans Reitzema


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ik kijk nu eindelijk eens op deze site en je hebt me, ondanks dat ik toch al aardig wat van je werk gezien hebt, toch weer weten te verrassen… super mooie portretten!

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